Learning love from lizards

Learning love from lizards

While renovate a house, someone tried to break the wall. Home in Japan usually have an empty space between the wall made of wood. When the fall of the wall began, he found a lizard trapped between the space is empty because the legs attached to a letter.

He's compassionate as well. Then when he checked the letter, the letter appeared to have been there 10 years ago when the house was first built.

What happened? How lizard that can survive with the condition of trapped for 10 years? In the dark for 10 years, without moving a bit, it's something that is impossible and will not enter.

He ago thinking, how the lizard is able to survive for 10 years without any move from place since his leg was attached to the letter!

Ago that people stop work and attention to the lizard, what to do and what can dimakannya to survive. then, does not know where it came, a lizard appear with other food in the mouth .... AHHHH!

He felt moved to see it. In fact there is a lizard that always take the lizard was trapped for 10 years.

Truly, this love ... a love for the beautiful. Love can happen even in small animals such as the two lizard tail. what can be done by you? of course, a miracle.

Imagine, the lizard did not give up and never stop considering partner for 10 years. imagine how the small animals that may have the gift that so menganggumkan.

I left when hearing this story. Then I started thinking about the relationship between the stranded family, friends, lovers, male relatives, sister ..... Along with the development of technology, access to information we are developing very quickly. But so far no matter what the distance between us, berusahalah semampumu to stay close to the people who loved us.


This story comes from Japan.

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